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Basketball Party Media

The premier (and only) NBA podcast featuring two adult women talking to one another about the world of pro basketball. Erin M. Routson is a creative director & freelance writer living in Philadelphia, PA. Kimberly Huston is a copywriter based in Louisville, KY.
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Kim returns from her rest on the bench so we can talk Doc Rivers trying to play hooky, vegan NBA players, Nike's jersey disasters, Kim's conspiracy corner on D.Rose's minutes, and the crossover world we didn't know existed of NBA prayer candles and our burgeoning careers as NBA witches. It's a new agey Craft-style wild ride with Basketball Party.…
This episode is a real potpourri of important vice related topics - how do we feel about NBA players smoking weed? How will Jaegermeister and the Milwaukee Bucks resolve their differences? Is Kim addicted to Manchester by the Sea? Stay with us as we also cover important topics like what role MJ plays in Home Alone! Welcome to Basketball Party!…
On a very special episode of Basketball Party, we actually talk about basketball. You're welcome. We discuss Gucci Mane's Kiss Cam proposal, Boogie Cousins' future with the Stockholm Syndrome Kings, the Cavs' "Winning Is Contagious" camaraderie, and what happens when the Palace is no longer home to the Pistons. Did you see Manchester By The Sea yet…
Garbage time! This is probably the worst episode of Basketball Party to date. We try to discuss Pop & Stan, Channy P & Mark Cuban's BFFship, Christmas jerseys and the post-election malaise, but it devolves into a thirty minute discussion of the Damon/Affleck power axis, Good Will Hunting 2, and the trailer for Manchester by the Sea. This is what ha…
Analyse des deux finales de conférence : SA-MEM et MIA-IND.Nos animateurs reviennent sur leurs impressions générales, leurs bonnes et mauvaises surprises, les facteurs X, et imaginent le futur pour les éliminés. Au programme également le preview de la finale Spurs-Heat!Spécial Playoffs! 100% par les fans pour les fans!…
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