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DIY Money | Personal Finance, Budgeting, Debt, Savings, Investing

DIY Money | Personal Finance, Budgeting, Debt, Savings, Investing

Quint Tatro & Daniel Czulno, CFP® a passionate look at everything money from budgeting, savings, investing, stocks, bonds, debt. For those that enjoy Dave Ramsey, Jill On Money, Smart Money, BiggerPockets it's worth a listen!

Budgeting, Savings, Investing, Wealth Management for those that choose to Do It Yourself
We Hate Budgeting is a podcast for people who hate budgeting and want get control of their finances the easy way. We'll be tackling the myths that make budgeting so daunting and giving essential tips to make achieving financial peace of mind easier than ever. We Hate Budgeting is brought to you by Mvelopes.
Richissime (ex Budget Chéri) c'est le podcast qui parle d’argent sans jargon et sans chichi. Tous les 15 jours, je dévoile avec mes invités, une facette de l'argent. On parle aussi bien de budget, et de notre rapport à l'argent, que de placements financiers pour notre épargne. Le podcast s'adresse à tous ceux qui veulent réfléchir à leur rapport à l'argent, à la consommation, reprendre le contrôle de leurs finances personnelles, investir et réaliser de nombreux projets. Je m'appelle Delphine ...
The Inspired Budget Podcast helps women live their best life and reach their money goals. Join me here for inspiring conversations to help you learn more about budgeting, saving money, paying off debt, and investing for your future. You’ll be hearing not only from me, but others along the way that have a story and voice to share.
What will this year's Budget bring and how will businesses and taxpayers be affected? Hear from a panel of economists and experts on the Budget Briefing series that will give you the information you need to know. Presented by business journalist, Sorcha Corcoran and in association with EY Ireland. Produced on behalf of Mediahuis Ireland by LastCastMedia.com.
Welcome to The Budget Affair, a mental health and financial wellness podcast. This is a safe space for you to grasp bits and pieces of inspiration on your journey to financial freedom and a healthy mind. I encourage you to take what resonates and leave the rest. As always, thank you for listening!
Aman and Sam are the Low Budget Bitches, 2 twenty something years old that got into reality tv way too young and have been addicted ever since. Join these two bffs from Toronto as they go back and discuss the iconic early seasons of Real Housewives, Rupaul's Drag Race and present day bravo, including the Real Housewives franchise, Married to Medicine, Below Deck franchise and Summer House.
If you're curious about what it looks like to actually FOLLOW a budget, to LIVE a budget, then listen up. Living a Budget is a podcast for people who are hungry to get to financial independence and retiring early, which means getting out of debt, saving like it’s second nature, and setting up your life to pay it forward. Living a Budget is about so much more than just budgeting. We tackle the hard topics, all with the goal to have as much fun as possible while getting to financial independen ...
In this podcast, we talk about money mindset strategies that will keep you motivated and focused on your debt-free journey while living on a budget you can afford. I share how Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University changed my mindset about money. Listen in as I discuss real-life strategies to help you stay on course to get out of debt and achieve your personal finance goals.
Walking a thin line of managing business and personal finances while trying to grow a business? Phylecia Jones, Budgetologist understands. Each morning she goes live and gives advice to solo entrepreneur coaches and consultants on what it takes to successfully manage the money they make… and feed their budget at the same time. Ask the Budgetologist is an un-cut, un-edited live show that brings the realness of being a business owner and wanting to change lives at the same time!
Low Budget

Low Budget

Jedrzej Jonasz

"Low Budget" is a new web comedy about the world of independent filmmaking. A new episode is released every week. To see the full unabridged version of the feature film, you can purchase the DVD from: http://www.LowBudgetComedy.com
Welcome to Young Pyromancers, your weekly podcast for all things Magic: the Gathering. We believe that players of all ages can have amazing fun even if they don't have tons of money to spend. Our main focus is Commander on a budget, but we talk about a variety of ways to play. New episodes released every Wednesday.
Do you want to learn how to secure the bag beyond your 9-5 and break away from the traditional ways of managing money? If you’re nodding your head yes, then join Sierra K. Howard and her dope ass guest, who are millennials of color, securing the non-traditional bag. Tune in every week for a new money session where you will learn actionable money strategies that will help you finally live financially free without restrictions!
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In this episode, I share a recent guest session recorded live in my filmmaking community (The Backlot), featuring acclaimed ACE editor Vashi Nedomansky. Vashi is an expert on post production workflows, having worked as a consultant on DEADPOOL, House of Cards, The Good Doctor, Sharknado 2, and countless other projects. He’s been on the podcast befo…
When it comes to reconciliation, reducing the original price tag by $1.5 trillion has left a lot on the floor. President Joe Biden signaled Democrats are close now, or at least closer, to a final package. A Medicare expansion to cover dental, hearing and vision; tax rate increases on corporations and wealthy individuals; and two years of tuition-fr…
Jannese Torres-Rodriguez is the founder of Yo Quiero Dinero. She’s sharing her story of how she left her 9-5 job to become a full-time blogger. She now makes over $10,000 each month through blogging even though she is no longer actively blogging! If you’ve ever wondered how a blog can create a passive income machine for you, then this episode is fo…
If you continue to ignore your money problems, they won't go away. They're not going to disappear on their own. Your money isn't a self-healing machine. If you wait, you're not going to feel better about your money situation. Money problems shouldn't be ignored. They get worse over time if you don't address the root issue. Let's get to it.…
Did you know Jesse has another podcast all about business? He and veteran YNAB'er and virtual CFO Mark Butler have launched Beginning Balance to talk about the lessons they've learned consulting with other businesses as well as managing their own businesses. In today's episode, we are rebroadcasting an episode of Beginning Balance which looks at ho…
Budget Arcade is a weekly podcast where we explore free to play video games. After our time with the game we rate and review the game of the week. We explore the game mechanics, the pay wall (what paying gets you) and the replayability. After which we decide if the game deserves our seal of approval or not (2/3 vote for or against). This week we pl…
Parler d'argent est encore extrêmement tabou en France 🤫 Si le tabou existe, c'est parce que nous avons tous un bénéfice caché à maintenir le silence sur le sujet... Nous pensons qu'il nous protège : 👉 de ce que les gens pourraient penser ou dire de nous 👉 des sollicitations 👉 du rejet 👉 des commentaires derrière le dos 👉 des mesquineries... Nous e…
On this episode of Low Budget Live (Not So Live), Luke runs his mouth about Grand Lake, and talks all things Basmaster Opens ups and downs with Smith Lake Central Open Champ, and Bassmaster Open AOY leader, Jacob Powroznik. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesPor Luke Dunkin
After much speculation, leaks and spinning, the budget is finally out and on this episode of the Budget Briefing, Sorcha Corcoran is joined by economist Jim Power, Kevin McLoughlin, Partner & Head of Tax, EY Ireland and Neil Gibson, Chief Economist, EY Ireland to help sift through the detail and find out what money has gone where and how businesses…
How to Manage Small Church Finances - Mirna Pena Welcome to Episode 3 of the Mission Driven Budget Podcast! Rate and review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts. Check out the Mission Driven Budget Blog. Connect with Mirna Pena Email: mirnampena23@gmail.com Instagram: @mirna__pena Hill City Church Notes From This Episode: Finance manageme…
We're back after a couple of weeks. Things have been happening you know Aman's house got broken into and he confronted the burglar, and then he had to have eye surgery and I had to go over to his house and I rolled my car five times on the way home. So we're under a LOT of stress, but we made sure to give our listeners an episode.…
It’s a story one hundred years in the making. It’s about greed, naked political power, and the exploitation of American Taxpayers. TCS Vice President Autumn Hanna joins Budget Watchdog AF host Steve Ellis along with Senior Policy Analyst Sheila Karpf and Research and Data Analyst Mia Huang to explain how the oil and gas industry has secured $93 Bil…
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