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Wyrd Podcast

Marco Dinis Santos

Wyrd is a podcast about Norse mythology and runes. A place where Stories are told and public figures of the neo-pagan world are interviewed. Season 1 episodes are spoken in Portuguese. My views on the Norse myths are not necessarily canon, nor do I have that pretension. Wyrd é um podcast sobre mitologia nórdica e runas. Onde se contam estórias, entrevistam personalidades do mundo neo-pagão e se fala das runas e da sua aplicabilidade na vida quotidiana. Os episódios da primeira série estão em ...
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Interviewed one of my favorite authors: Katie Gerrard. Here she tells the story of Heiðr and we end up disagreeing on a major Norse mythology theory. During the episode, we talk about what it means to be neo-pagan in the current times and what challenges one faces now. --- Send in a voice message:…
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