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Left and Liberal. HOME OF "PAT ROBERTSON AS READ BY A VOICE OF GOD" comedy series! News and pop-culture from a student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago who's and pop-culture. I enjoy embarrassing myself. Listen LIVE at on Wednesdays 6-7. Podcast the show here and get extra outbursts!
Join Gerard Whateley, Bob Murphy, Garry Lyon, Sandy Roberts, Peter Donegan, Billy Brownless, Stephen Quartermain, Kane Cornes, Liam Pickering, Robert Walls, Terry Wallace & the team each weekend for Australia’s most widely syndicated AFL broadcast.
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We rolled creddies on BuBu and Mitsu: The Wonder Years four times in one playthrough. This game is bonkers and not always in a good way. MOMOCHI @__@ Shout out to Sproggiwood, for real. We also roast Kenny Omega. Deal with it, Kenneth. See me. MOMOCHI @__@ Anyway, this game tied with Almighty: Kill Your Gods and we decided Almighty is a better game…
We have created a new genre, Emblem Like, because we are real and official games journalists. Send your jeers and review codes to our email. This game is no Subverse. It's not Vandal Hearts 2. Hell, it's no Kartia: Word of Fate. I'm not gonna talk about Dark Deity here because I'm done talking about it. So instead I will include the minutes from ou…
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