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The right to abortion is on the line in Supreme Court Arguments that challenge the half century Roe V. Wade decision… Omicron comes to the US.. more threats against Rep. Ihan Omar. And Mayor DeBlasio touts his Overdose Prevention initiative.Por WBAI News with Paul DeRienzo
Three teens dead and at least 6 others injured in a Michigan high school shooting.. a 15 old student is being held…. Barbados dumps the Queen to become a Republic.. As the Prince of Wales raises the specter of slavery… day 2 in. The sex trafficking trial of Ghislane Maxwell.. a key debate on abortion at the Supreme Court and a overdose prevention c…
Don’t panic says the president as a new COVID variant.. called Omicron knocks at America’s door… Is it already here.. and does it matter… The wife of a Honduran president who was deposed in a military coup supported supported by the United States.. is elected in an apparent landslide… and the Attorney General of New York.. releases documents accusi…
Three men were convicted of murder today in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, A federal jury yesterday found three of the nation’s largest pharmacy chains, CVS, Walgreens and Walmart were libel for helping fuel the the U.S. opioid crisis, The fur was flying during questions to the Prime Minister in the British Parliament…
$25 million dollar award against neo-nazi's who attacked counter-protesters in Charlottesville. The trial of three men charged with killing Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, Georgia in a racially charged case goes to the jury.. The story of Citizen Arrest laws and slavery.. and the president says gas prices will coming down.…
Elections in Latin America.. building democracies under the shadow of the United States… Kenosha reactions reveal a fault line in the administration, and a United States senator channels former senator Joe McCarthy.. as he claims communist infiltration in the government.Por WBAI News with Paul DeRienzo
The Kenosha shooter— Kyle Rittenhouse is acquitted of all charges in a shooting that left two civil rights protesters dead.. and severely injured a third… The FBI and NYPD played a role in convicting innocent men in the murder of Malcolm X.. And the President’s Build Back Better bill heads to the senate..…
Nicaragua votes to leave the OAS after President Daniel Ortega wins in landslide… We hear from an unofficial election observer.. The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse goes to the jury.. and a new candidate throws a hat in the ring in the race for gov of NY…Por WBAI News with Paul DeRienzo
President Joe Biden signed his hard-fought $1 trillion infrastructure deal into law Monday before a bipartisan, celebratory crowd on the White House lawn, declaring that the new infusion of cash for roads, bridges, ports and more is going to make life “change for the better” for the American people.Por WBAI News with Paul DeRienzo
Steve Bannon is indicted for contempt of Congress.. more may follow.. a humanitarian and political crisis at the border between Belarus and Poland.. nuclear winter and an asteroid strikes earth.. 65 million years ago. Is another extinction event looming?Por WBAI News with Paul DeRienzo
Today is Veterans Day.. we speak with a veteran of Afghanistan about the war and its meaning for Americans… The United States meets with Ukraine to bolster defense against Russia… and the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse enters its final phase.Por WBAI News with Paul DeRienzo
Kyle Rittenhouse takes the stand in his own defense in a Kenosha, Wisconsin courtroom… Liz Cheney blasts Trump as an enemy of democracy.. Shelton Adelson’s wife continues funding the GOP.. and a Temporary Restraining Order holds at East River Park.Por WBAI News with Paul DeRienzo
The Senate announces an agreement to allow the feds to negotiate drug prices… Biden targets methane at COP26.. opening statements in the trial of a teenage killer.. and the Mayor says 92 percent of city workers are vaccinated against COVID.. as New Yorkers.. Virginians and others head to the pollsPor WBAI News with Paul DeRienzo
The House votes to hold Steve Bannon in Contempt… Activists look to abortion alternatives as the threat to Roe intensifies… Dave Chappelle.. what’s so funny about anti-trans jokes… A new environmental initiative in New York and and candidates for mayor spar on TV..Por WBAI News with Paul DeRienzo
New York City makes vaccinations mandatory for all city workers…The parkland shooter pleads guilty.. a voting rights bill is voted down… the Oath Keepers at the GOP… as the Senate begins the process to subpoena a former Trump advisor.. what did he know about the January 6th invasion of the capitol..Por WBAI News with Paul DeRienzo
Pelosi says the Build Back Better plan will lose about a trillion dollars in government investment… A Giuliani associate faces trial for illegal campaign contributions.. Indigenous Peoples Day and the legacy of Christopher Columbus… and a new plan for accelerated learning.Por WBAI News with Paul DeRienzo
The former president and a brewing civil war.. the Trump campaign train in Iowa.. How far is it from the truth… Biden says the GP wants to control whose votes are counted… but Greg Palast says the Democrats play the voter suppression card too… and the council speaker gets an earful from park advocates…
An agreement on that may preserve a federal restriction on abortion.. tensions near Taiwan… a failure to respond to a California oil leak… the court hear’s case on whether to make torure details public and a bombastic union leader is the target of a federal investigation.Por WBAI News with Paul DeRienzo
The battle for an infrastructure bill comes down to the wire.. can Democratic progressives and moderates come an agreement.. the president says yes… An environmental lawyer is hit with a 6 month jail sentence.. and protests against drone warfare in Nevada.Por WBAI News with Paul DeRienzo
Greta Thunberg.. accuses world leaders of trying to talk there way out of the climate crisis… Janet Yellin says the nations credit rating is at risk unless the congress solves the debt impasse… the top general explains why he called China.. and the mayor finally goes to prison…Por WBAI News with Paul DeRienzo
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