America Can Be Saved


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Is it reasonable to say that either the Democrats or Republicans are 100% right on every issue? Today's Media has become nothing more than a biased and deceptive competition between Liberals and Conservatives to promote their agenda. In today's society if you want to hear the Liberal view, you tune into MSNBC. if your interest is Conservative, then your TV is tuned into FOX. And finally, if you want a more diverse view, your choice is most likely CNN. Even though they are also left leaning.
The problem is none provide you with BOTH sides of an issue, but instead do everything in their power to promote their agenda.
I am neither Conservative or Liberal. Instead I am an American who believes there are good and bad points expressed by each party. You may not always agree with me, but I will make you think. At least those of you who still have that ability, and haven't been forever lost to total commitment to either the Republican or Democratic ideas, while dismissing good old common sense.

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