Note to Beautiful Self


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Join M.Rene - a Spa Professional who loves to chat with for those who share her passion for Life and inner Power. Believing is the Bottom Line! Sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly (in a Fabulous way) we discuss everything from Successes, Failures, triumphs and disappointments, Success Strategies, Well-being, Law of Attraction in Business and so many more wonderful components for Professional and Personal Growth. This is for those who know that 'Higher Vibration' means 'Better Business' in an 'Awareness' sort of way. It's a 'Coffee Shop Talk' type interview that keep topics real and interesting ~ the more you know the more you grow. I believe in connecting internally and externally in business, and have listeners from all different types of industry segments who listen and contribute. It's light and it's fun - Take Notes and apply them to your Beautiful Self.

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