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In a world full of crazy politics, celebrity obsession and opinion, Karl, Crystar and Cec sit down and handle some GROWN FOLKS BIZNESS. This podcast was created to promote casual & thought provoking conversation, community empowerment & personal development, family life, relationships, and everything in between. This exclusive podcast will feature dope guests who are visionaries, achievers, educators, motivators who are interested in expanding their brand and sharing their insight and experiences. GROWN FOLKS BIZNESS is that change of pace we, young adults, have all been looking for. Follow them on Instagram: @normal_ass_Karl / @justcrystar for updates, giveaways, ways to share your listening experience. Also, feel free to hit our social media’s with topics you would like to hear discussed on GROWN FOLKS BIZNESS. Thank you for visiting!!! It’s time to put the kids to bed.

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