WLP283 Beyond #watercooler: Loneliness in Remote Teams


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Brought to you by Virtual Not Distant in London (virtualnotdistant.com), where we help people work better together apart.

Today’s episode explores the themes of loneliness for the remote worker. This is an edited summary of a live talk with Dr Richard MacKinnon on loneliness and disconnection in remote teams back in July, as part of the Learning Lounge of the Emotional Intelligence (EI) Evolution.

The live EI Evolution event it's on October 12th, featuring the godfather of EI Daniel Goleman - you can learn more and book here, using code PILARORTI10 for 10% discount.

Beyond the #watercooler

19.14 Self awareness

27.44 Remote vs colocated work

34.30 Talking about emotions

You can find the full show notes over at: https://www.virtualnotdistant.com/podcasts/​​beyond-watercooler-loneliness

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