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Welcome to The Muscle Memoirs, a truly evidence-based fitness podcast.On the show, we discuss a plethora of topics related to maximizing overall health and physical performance with industry-leading experts. This includes strength and conditioning, muscle hypertrophy, sports nutrition, longevity, body composition, and more. Our guests range from exercise and nutrition science researchers to elite level athletes and fitness coaches. This allows us to combine hard scientific evidence with observations in the field to provide the best information possible. Hosted By: Mike Murray and Cole Housel. Mike is a natural bodybuilder and registered dietitian. He runs his own private practice, Hammer Away LLC. His mission is to help you achieve new levels of health, body composition, and performance, and ultimately, enable you to live your best life through fitness. In order to achieve these goals, he utilizes a no-nonsense, evidence-based approach tailored to the individual. If you're interested in Mike's services you can head over to Cole has a Bachelor of Science Degree from West Chester University where he studied Exercise Science with a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy. Currently, Cole is pursuing his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Widener University.

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