Warrented: Women in the Entertainment Industry explicit


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Warrented’s namesake host, Kendall Warren, guides guests and listeners through each episode by introducing fun and interesting content. Kendall keeps it casual but the conversations are a springboard for inspiring stories that explore life’s challenges and successes. Kendall’s career in the entertainment industry began with Plaid Flag, a Nashville-based publishing firm, where she currently serves as the creative director and co-founded in 2016. Hailing from Texas, Kendall is a former collegiate athlete having attended Texas Tech University and graduating from Belmont University with a double degree in Entrepreneurship and Journalism. An entrepreneur at heart, Kendall sits down with these guests to have real conversations with real women who are making a difference in the entertainment industry. This podcast is a platform for successful women to share their stories, achievements, struggles, career advice and more with our audience.

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