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Holistic Living and Home Stewardship for Christian Homeschool Mamas ***TOP 1% Parenting + Family Life Podcast*** Hey Mama! Do you wish your home and homeschool could be peaceful? Do you long for simple systems that help life run on autopilot, instead of you feeling like an angry task-master who can’t get anyone to help you? Are you ready to kick fear to the curb, and move into a satisfying life of Proverbs 31 stewardship? Welcome to the family, sister!!! You have been led here divinely, because Jesus is the Good Shepherd. In this podcast, you will find secrets to living a life of intention and unity in your homeschool, homemaking, and health. My mission is to journey alongside you, empowering and equipping you to build a solid family foundation to bless your future generations, while you confidently live out your calling with joy and assurance. If you are ready to say “yes” to letting go of the yelling, guilt, and confusion that has plagued you, then you are in the right place. Welcome home. Hey, I’m Katie Keene. Jesus Lover and Daughter of the King, Wife to a Hunk, Mama of 5 treasures (with a pair of out-of-the-box movers and shakers), Special Needs Advocate, Non-toxic Lifestyle Junkie, and Homeschool Fanatic. For years I struggled to feel confident amid the chaos of daily life. I was overwhelmed searching for answers to mysterious health challenges, chronic illnesses, and special needs, desperate to know how to educate and train my children perfectly, longing to keep a Pinterest-worthy home, while trying to meet my unrealistic internal expectations --and keep up with military spouse life. I felt like a hamster running on a never ending wheel. I finally realized that to create the foundations in my family which I KNEW I was called to create, something BIG had to change. I did not want to wake up someday to regret and sorrow. I longed for simple solutions to living life with purpose, while fulfilling my calling to motherhood, health, homeschooling, and homemaking. SO, with God's grace and guidance, I did. And I can’t wait to share what I learned with YOU! This journey toward God’s best for your family will increase your confidence, and set a firm foundation for your generations to come. Breathe deeply, Mama. Let the kid’s go play. Because it’s time for you to CHASE that JOY and PEACE you have been longing for! Connect! hello@herhomeandheart.com Grow! herhomeandheart.net/founders All the INSIDER goodies for you! https://bit.ly/m/HerHomeandHeart Leave me a message! https://www.speakpipe.com/KatieK

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