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Judgment Day: Volume 2, Israel…a Superpower!

Per Volume 1 of this compelling series, at this point in what will be a rapidly unfolding apocalyptic narrative, America’s day of reckoning is in the history books—if only by a hair! For any one of a number of reasons, she must and she will be eliminated from the annals of God’s end times playbook before the road to Armageddon can begin in earnest.

The overarching theme driving God’s plan regarding the road to Armageddon here is to make Himself known to a world in firm denial (per Ezekiel 36:21-24). That plan demands first the absolute mutilation of the pride of man (the eschatological center of which is Babylon the Great, Rev. 18). This horrendous abasement will allow for an uncanny manifestation of the arm of God, through the preservation of His people, snatched as if from the greedy jaws of a hungry death, thirsty for the blood of all things Jew (in the face of such overwhelming odds, there will simply be no other rational explanation, absent the might and backing of a then defunct Babylon the Great!).

At present (as I pen these words on 10/26/2022), ‘as we speak’, the only nation to the extreme north of Palestine is roughly 8 months into a disastrous and humiliating incursion into the comparatively tiny nation of Ukraine. At some point perhaps well beyond this date, this same nation (literally “hooked on a feeling” by the hand of Almighty God!) will reorient its focus and its guns, so that the object of its sore disaffection is Israel (per Ezekiel 38 & 39)—thus igniting what might be termed “phase 2” of a Divinely engineered plan to bring the world of rebel men to its knees at the Battle of Armageddon. Leading hostile nations from Europe (quite possibly including Ukraine) and his implacable middle Eastern Islamic neighbors, author Alvin Mitchell will show how God promises to force Himself before the unbelieving eyes of international naysayers and doubters by implantation of a series of hooks into their scoffing minds. Hereby motivated and driven by traditional Jew-malice that accuses him for all their trials and tribulations, God will drag these enemies of the Apple of His Eye onto a battlefield on a mission that, for them, will amount to virtual suicide. Ill-fated though it will prove to be, this well-planned, coordinated, multilateral, multi-nation attack (employing deadly, deceptive stealth obviously aimed at establishing ground and air superiority from the beginning) will at the same time no doubt transpire concurrent with the collapse of Israel’s only ally (Babylon the Great!), thereupon unwittingly in the end elevating His beleaguered people to the status of a global superpower—when all of the wealth and resources of Russia will be dropped into largely depleted Jewish laps.

And so it is that, God will begin the process of introducing Himself to a world that refuses to submit to the fact of His existence, as He proceeds to unfold His systematic plan calculated to force them to bow in recognition of His awesome reality. As outlined in this prophecy of Ezekiel, the despised Jew, having been catapulted to the status of the world’s only global superpower, will be the symbol and the pinnacle of that plan.

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