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Judgment Day: Volume 1, DOOMSDAY: The USA in Bible Prophecy

As of today, 10/25/2022, at this very hour, all of Europe (led from across the pond by the United States of America) is engaged (behind the scenes, so to speak, short of putting boots on the ground) with the Ukrainians in an effort to repel the destructive invasion by Russian armed forces, as it is feared that its deadly advance could easily engulf the rest of Europe. No one can gauge with any certainty the full extent of President Vladimir Putin’s ambitions! What is certain, however, to any committed student of the Bible and Bible prophecy, is that at some point in the not-too-distant future the winds of aggression and alliances will have to shift. That is, per the word and will of God, those same nations which are now uniting in hopes of stopping Russia’s power-grab will at some point lay aside their differences and bad blood so as to unite with Russia (and, no doubt China) in the obliteration of the most powerful, most cosmopolitan entity of all times. That entity is known to God as “Babylon the Great”! Which then begs the question: Who precisely is “Babylon the Great”?

In this first installment of the prophecy series titled Judgment Day: Volume 1; The Prelude to Armageddon, author Alvin Mitchell unpacks the 18th chapter of the Book of the Revelation, in which John details “phase 1” in a series of cataclysmic events along the road to Armageddon that will be initiated by the God-ordained collapse of the greatest commercial power the world will have ever known. Instigated by God, it is a devastation that will be executed by a consortium of international trading partners who will be left equally distraught by virtue of their interdependence upon Babylon’s strength and virility. Furthermore, Alvin concedes that God’s call for the complete decimation of this powerful and proud entity comes with a warning to all saints caught up in her glitz, enraptured in ropes and chains of compromise: “Distinguish yourselves, or, suffer the same fate as she”!

Furthermore, in “Prelude to Armageddon” Mr. Mitchell contends forcefully that at present, only one foot fits or ever has fit that shoe which outlines the profile of this mysterious entity known only to the end time (having prepped the world for her eventual doom and a world without her, leading spokesmen are known to have resurfaced out of retirement to warn that the world should go a step further by allowing no other to ever rise to take her place!). In view of the many so-called “prophecy experts” (many of whom could or should be like “apex” predators in terms of understanding) who disparage at any thought that the possibility of that one foot, Alvin Mitchell in Prelude to Armageddon will demonstrate irrefutably that the one nation the entire world refuses to believe could be so hated of God is in truth loathed to the “inth degree”. Just as “all religious roads” or faiths do not lead to God, so likewise, the Bible teaches in no uncertain terms that immense blessing directly attributable to the hand of God are not necessarily an indication of favor in the Eyes of a Holy and Just God (remember Egypt, Israel, Assyria and Babylon).

In the final analysis, Prelude to Armageddon will prove without a doubt that although she took centuries to build, Babylon the Great and her seriously compromised and compromising churches (all daughters of the Great Whore of Rev. 17) will indeed be destroyed, in our time, in the space of only one hour!

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