39. Denise Nurse: Creating the career and life you want


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Sue Stockdale talks to Denise Nurse, an award-winning entrepreneur, solicitor, coach, and broadcaster about creating the career and life you want by being flexible and not limited by traditional business structures. She explains how sometimes you need to have a safety net 'at least in your mind' to give you the confidence to take that step into the unknown.
In 2007, along with Janvi Patel, she co-founded Halebury, a pioneering UK law firm. Halebury introduced flexible & agile working in the legal industry. In 2018 they successfully sold Halebury to a global legal services business, and Denise stepped down from her role as VP Flex Resourcing in 2020.
Whilst working as an in-house lawyer at Sky, Denise won an internal TV presenter competition. She presented the Weather & Programming for Sky News, Sky Travel and Sky One and was a presenter of BBC One’s Escape to the Country. Denise has been recognised with several awards and was recognised as a Woman of Influence & Power in Law 2020.
More recently Denise was inspired by a desire to make positive change during the 2020 COVID pandemic and she co-founded two non-profits Black Founders Hub and Support SEND.
Connect with Denise Nurse:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/denisenurse/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/denisebn
Website: https://www.blackfoundershub.com
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