Tony Gentilcore returns - The Benefits of Strength and Conditioning for the General Population


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Yes, consistent exercise is important, but the quickest way to get the results you want from your workouts is training like an athlete. No, that doesn't mean doing endless sprints or shuttle runs until you drop, but it DOES mean taking an intelligent approach to your workouts and learning how to properly use intensity to make your muscles stronger.

The role of a strength and conditioning coach is to help athletes improve their fitness so they can stay injury-free for the competitive demands of their particular sport. Applying the same mindset to your workouts means following training programs that can help you to optimize your ability to enjoy your favorite activities while minimizing the risk of injury. Tony Gentilcore is a strength coach in Boston who helps his clients learn how to use fitness to achieve their best life. On this episode, recorded live at Tony's fitness studio, we talk about how to design the workouts that can maximize strength while minimizing injury. This conversation will provide great insights and information on how strength training like an athlete can help improve your quality of life.

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