Brad Warner - After Darkness (The Zen of Living and Dying)


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“Looking at life as I was experiencing it in this moment, moment by moment, I realized that the future is always an abstraction. And I don't know anything about it. Death might be something great for all I know. It might be the most wonderful thing in the world. So to live my life in terror of it makes no sense.

Every thought I have about death is just a thought. And it's one of my thoughts. And really, I'm not a person I would believe about something like that, because what do I know about death?” - Brad Warner

Brad gives us a Zen look at death and dying, including a highly entertaining (if non essential) detailed road map to one version of a Zen after life. Does it help to know where this whole life train is going? Does anyone know where this whole life train is going? Can anyone survive the ride to tell the tale?? Find out here!

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