Brad Warner - An Innocent Mind (Choosing Free Will)


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"Your life is predetermined. And to be free, you must first be aware that your life is predetermined, that it is conditioned, that all your responses are more or less the same as those of everybody else throughout the world…

But in going into it very deeply, you will also find that you can be free from all this conditioning…. You can be free from it all. Then you will know what it is to have an innocent mind, and it is only such a mind that can find out what is truth." - J. Krishnamurti

Brad Warner gives us an intricate look at free will in Zen and life in general. Does it exist? Would we notice if it did?? How much can we control and how free are we when we try??? Bonus rounds! Brad may have (or may not, but possibly) found us the quote that knocked Leonard Cohen off his depression. Also, what's the best Rush album?? Find out here!

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