Brad Warner - Begging the Eye


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"Ungan said, “The state of begging the Eye is itself the Eye, is it not?” This is a sentence which blinks the Eye. It is the vivid shattering of the Eye. Ungan is saying that the Eye begs the Eye, water draws water, mountains line up with mountains; we go among alien beings, and we live among our own kind." - Dogen

Brad Warner dives into the weird and wonderful with two great readings: Dainin Katagiri's "Making Your Life Vividly Alive," all about running head long into the emergency of every day life; and Dogen's classic "Eyes," all about the great eyeballs of Buddha trying to turn around and look that Buddha right back in the eyeballs. It's a talk about delusion embracing delusion as the only enlightened option, the flowers in our eyes blinking and as Dogen so poetically puts it, the eye singing out itself. Along the way Brad tells us how and why he committed himself to making delusion his entire practice, what happens when you seem to be the only one who notices that the standard world view doesn't make sense, and what to do when all the world views start to fall away and things get a little weird...

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