Brad Warner - Enlightened Selfishness (Nothing but a Bundle of Light)


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"Every time you try to hurt or gain advantage over somebody else, you're only hurting yourself. It's as instant as punching yourself in the face. The problem is that most people never figure that out. We're so dense, we put a bunch of walls around ourselves that enable us to ignore that. But one of the things of zen practice is that those walls start to crumble and all of the things that were in the way of understanding that unethical action is the same as hitting yourself in the face, just start to crumble. - Brad Warner

In a warm and giddy talk complete with live laugh track (remember audiences??) Brad Warner returns in person to ACZC to talk about the importance of being together, Advaita Vedanta, universal oneness, the great bundle of light, ethical selfishness, and why he's so much funnier when there's people in the room.

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