Brad Warner - The King of Emptiness (Levels in Buddhism)


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“Whether or not you establish the Bodhi Mind and Nirvana for yourself is unimportant. If anything, they say you shouldn't do that, you should endeavor to save everyone instead.” - Brad Warner

Are there really definable levels of practice that we can achieve, and how would we know if we’ve attained them? Brad gives us a detailed look at early Buddhism’s take on the four stages of practice from stream enterer all the way up to full enlightened arhat, and then turns to Dogen for his take on whether or not those handy labels are applicable to Zen’s freewheeling ways. Also bonus round! Brad gives a sneak peak at a passage from his upcoming book with his own hot take on the controversy. What is "pleasant abiding" or the enticing (if a little disconcerting) sounding "rapture and pleasure born from withdrawal?" And who do we get to brag to when we've attained them? Find out here!

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