Episode 307: The Sista's Encore (Feat. Crystal Renee & Nivea Nash)


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On this week's two-part episode, Crystal Renee Hayslett & Nivea Nash join the ladies of Lip Service to promote the upcoming BET shows they're starring in. Crystal is in Tyler Perry's '"Sista's," while Nivea is starring in "Encore," the show that brings together female artists from the '90s and 2000s with intentions of forming a supergroup. During Crystal's portion, she opens up about her difficulties getting comfortable filming sex scenes, that time she and her friend got played by the same guy and much more. Nivea gets explicit when discussing her impressive ability to squirt on command, her disinterest in having children, Lil Wayne not wanting her to work while they were together, R Kelly shooting his shot at her, and much more. Enjoy!

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