Animal Party Episode 125 What Do You See At The Sea? Part 2


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One third of the world’s oceans are over fished and yet the oceans are home to 80% of the world’s diversity so protection matters. Dr. Christine Ward-Paige describes ‘the blue economy’ and gives 5 easy steps we all can do to make a difference; eat sustainable seafood, reduce carbon, avoid plastics, keep educated, spread the word! Eoceans is an app that allows scientists, researchers and regular people like anglers, surfers, sun worshippers, boat lovers, shell collectors, runners, swimmers who visit the beach or ocean to report what they see to a network. This helps clarify where endangered species are and when they need protection and can make a huge difference for conservation efforts. Plus reporting on incidents, accidents, deaths, pollution and other hazards can lead to immediate response. If you visit the beach or the ocean check out this app!
EPISODE NOTES: What Do You See At The Sea? Part 2

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