AWP 050: Nighttime Fears in Children and How Aromatherapy Can Help


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It’s normal for children to feel some fear at night, whether they are alone in their room or sharing with a sibling. Nighttime can make anyone feel vulnerable, especially when you’re 7 years old and have an active imagination. The child's fear may arise from being in the dark feeling anxiety about being away from mom and dad for a few hours or simply from feeling alone after being with people all day.

In this episode, I share both aromatherapy and non-aromatherapy tools and recommendations that can help reduce your child’s fear at night so that they - and their caregivers – can get a good night’s rest.

I love sharing my 31+ years of aromatic experience and knowledge with you through my podcast. You'll find personal stories, tutorials humor, and inspiration in a warm and friendly manner. It's my hope that you will feel inspired to explore essential oils deeper after listening and explore what is possible for health and well-being when you include aromatherapy into your life.


  • Reasons for Nighttime Fear in Children
  • Aromatic Tools and Practical Recommendations for Making the Child Feel Safe
  • 3 Recipes for Encouraging Children to Feel Safe and Sleepy
    (Recipes can be found here:
  • Smell My Life segment, I share how I damaged a piece of high-end furniture with essential oil.
  • Ask Liz segment in which I answer a listeners question about aromatherapy


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