AWP 051: Peppermint Hydrosol Benefits and Uses


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What’s more refreshing than peppermint hydrosol?
In today's show, Liz shares the therapeutic and energetic benefits of this vibrant and refreshing distillate water as well as lots of ideas for its use. Though it is a favorite in the summertime, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Peppermint hydrosol year-round to reduce inflammation, cool a hot flash, and even address teenage skin.
What is Covered in Today's Episode:

  • Liz has a brand new Patreon page!
  • Liz Shares about her new podcast website!
  • Definition of a hydrosol
  • Are hydrosols truly the by-product of distillation?
  • Peppermint hydrosol therapeutic properties and uses
  • Energetic properties of Peppermint hydrosol
  • Smell my Life: Oils for a store neck

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