113 | How Simple Models Can Improve Your Career


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In this episode, Andy helps us understand how following a model affects the outcome of any goal that we have by talking about some challenges that most people face when it comes to selecting and following a model. He also shares some tips on what we can do to fully achieve our ideal result by following a simple yet effective model.

Tune in now and make sure to go through each item and identify your challenges in order to successfully choose the model that targets the goal that you want to accomplish.


"One Big Thing With Modeling Is We Don't Have To Reinvent The Wheel To Solve Every Problem That We're Trying To Solve. What We Can Do Is Actually Look To See Who Else Has Done This And Model Their Solution.”

When You're Focused On A Solution, You're Better Off To Find A Better Model That Works.

It's Really Important For Us To Take Responsibility For The Models That We Choose, Identify The Models That We're Doing That Aren't Working, And Change Those Out.

Show Notes:

(00:00) Podcast Intro

(00:27) Operating Through Following Models

(01:21) Modeling Properly

(01:47) Overcomplicating The Whole Problem

(02:59) Defining The Solution That We’re Looking For

(04:28) Not Looking For The Proper Model

(04:37) Focusing On The Results You’re Looking For

(05:22) Has The Model Work Before

(06:27) Knowing What You Should Expect

(07:15) Something You Want To Follow

(07:43) Knowing If You Can Implement It

(08:37) Look For Models

(09:01) Implement The Model That Works

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