131 | The Benefits of High Expectations


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In this episode, Cat and Andy talk about a principle that is essential, especially as we end this year 2020 and prepare for the coming year 2021. There are great benefits that you will get as you aim to operate in a higher standard for yourself and your career, and that is why they also give out three practical steps you can immediately do to start leveling-up.

Tune in now as Cat and Andy shares with you all these, and more!


“The Point Of The Matter Is, Is To Have High Expectations, Because... We Really Become Our Habits.”

“What [You’re] Doing When No One Is Watching Is Very Much Indicative [Of] What Your Standard Is For Yourself.”

Show Notes:

(00:00) Podcast Intro

(00:27) The Pygmalion Effect

(04:28) The Importance Of Having Higher Expectations

(08:25) Actions Become Habits

(10:15) What You’re Doing When No One Is Watching

(14:48) Finding Someone That Can Support And Provide Different Perspectives

(15:55) Prepare The Day Before

(17:57) Look At What’s Not Working

(20:48) Implementing Checklists

(24:34) Finding Someone That You Can Emulate

(28:53) Andy’s New Book The Trust Paradigm Is Available On Amazon And Other Book Retailers

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