Episode 87: GABY & IRIS


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Hi! It took a while, but we did it. I finally managed to get some filmmakers on the show! On this episode we delve into all things film; from the process of making one to the experience of watching one. We tackle the topic of cinema from all sides; beginning with our opinion on remakes then shifting to some of our favorite films. Then the discussion takes a turn and we really get into the generation-defining, late 2000s pop culture behemoth that was The Twilight Saga. We never got too deep into the arsty-farsty stuff, unfortunately. Gaby talks about how she got into K-pop and expresses her love for EXO, which leads to a brief morality discussion about the industry and how idols are treated more like products than people. Iris however, remains an enigma. All we've managed to learn about her is that she is a visual storyteller who focuses more on photography and film. Though admittedly, the overall vagueness ostensibly creates a more compelling artistic identity. Towards the end of the episode, Gaby talks about her experience working on a production, which I found very informative. This was such a fun episode! Shoutout VM Project Architecture.

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