Episode 89: YASSIE


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Meow! This week, I had the privilege of sitting down with the 2018 Philippines Coffee in Good Spirits Champion and cat lover, Yassie! As someone new to the Third Wave coffee scene, this was a particularly informative and educational episode. Yassie takes us on her coffee journey starting from the beginning, working at Caffe Bene then moving to Toby's Estate and then for the last four years at The Curator. She gives insightful information about the competitive coffee scene and how the process works. We also talk briefly about what makes a bad cup of coffee bad; burnt rubber and steel are notes you never want in a cup of coffee. The Philippines is home to a vibrant coffee scene, you just have to take a moment to look for it. And I'm not just talking about cafés, but also farms! Please try the Purple Haze at The Curator if you ever get the chance! It's so good! Thanks for listening!

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