Episode 90: MAC & CZAE


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Episode 90 focuses on the Internet. Mac (Asshulz) and Czae (Crispy Panda) are multidisciplinary artists from LB who use the Internet to their advantage. In this age of instant and unlimited information, we often take for granted the resources available to us and fail to use them to their fullest. Sitting down with these two, I've grown to understand how much of a role the Internet plays on modern creatives. Mac is a multi-disciplinarian to say the least. He has his hand in many creative fields ranging from films to zines, event organizing, writing and design. Something I found interesting was when Mac revealed that he "doesn't really like art that much" but feels compelled to create. An internal conflict that I am unfamiliar with but I'm sure many of you can relate to. Czae on the other hand balances her creative life with a veterinarian career. She says has a difficult time labeling herself as an artist as she mostly creates on the side. This has been something that has come up in episodes past; the internal struggle of the artist label. Something I hope I can continue to explore in future episodes. We discussed many topics within the show's hour, as usual, it was not nearly enough time to fully express our thoughts and feelings. The overall theme though I suppose comes down to our love-hate relationship with the Internet. Apologies for the audio quality again. I keep fucking up. Thanks for listening nonetheless.

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