Episode 104: JULIA


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Hello! Julia joins us to on this episode to talk about modelling, social media culture, and her experience navigating the industry. We continue on to chat about the beauty standard, freelance work, signing under an agency, and model associations. Julia also talks about her online vintage shop Fits Ya Good and her affinity for vintage clothing and specialty items and how we should all move away from fast fashion. Make sure to check out Fits Ya Good's event this Friday, October 4th at Dulo MNL! Fits Ya Good is a treasure trove for finding unique, one-off pieces, ranging from high-end glamour to thrifty yet nifty mesh of second-hand gems for all genders. You may have noticed in previous episodes my tendency to always be "on," however when I met with Julia, I couldn't help but match her calm and laidback demeanor which made this episode a fun one to make. Thanks for listening!

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