Episode 97: AALIYAH


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On this episode of Art School Taught Me, we talk with multi-medium creative and aspiring fashion designer Aaliyah. We go in depth on the entire creative process; from the initial conceptualization and theme, to inspirations, materials, and techniques required to produce an overall aesthetically cohesive collection. Aaliyah on her collection: "It all started with the word “blue” and the many visuals that are attached to it. Each person would think of different things depending on their individual and unique experiences. For this collection, creatures of the deepest parts of the seas, swimming pools and boat sails were strung together to create a collection that is sophisticated and playful in its own way. The pieces may come off as ordinary but when given a closer, they are actually striking in subtle ways. Found deep in the ocean are some of the most unusual creatures ever seen, a fusion of the strange and the beautiful. Drifting in the darkest depths of our waters, they navigate their surroundings through their own luminescence. Inspiration taken from these glittering creatures are their soft and rounded shapes, their transparence and their ability to stand out in the dark. The contrasting handstitches that run across ruffles of organdy and on patchwork are from the way comb jellyfish tentacles light up in horizontal lines. Fraying denim mirrors the way other deep sea fish float in the waters. The more tailored and rigid looks are inspired by pool tiles and boat sails. Pool tiles are mimicked through patchwork using different shades of denim while some pieces were made to look like square rig sails in cotton twill. Taking different design elements from each of these objects resulted into a collection that is detailed and decorative yet wearable because of its neutral color palette. Like deep sea creatures, these pieces are able to blend into the background and at the same time stay seen." Check out her fahion illustration account on Instagram to learn more information about her collection and see detailed samples of textiles used, conceptual illustrations, and inspiration boards! https://www.instagram.com/scoutconfetti/?hl=en Thanks for listening!

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