How Do I Take My Unique Talents to a Larger Audience and Monetize?


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#1169 Joey Chang is a beatboxer, looper, cellist, songwriter, singer, and performer. He's here with a critical question: what's the difference between himself and musicians who are making a ton of money online? How can he better monetize his online music business? We're going to dig in to identify Joey's niche and how to leverage it. I give him advice for taking advantage of current events and trends through "news-jacking" and using YouTube algorithms to bring his music front and center. We also get into courses a bit and I give him some tactical advice for working with a cohort of students to road-test his course. Whether you're a musician or not, there's a ton of great advice in here for anyone who wants to create engaging content or make money teaching their skills online. Show notes and more at

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