103 - FriendlyJordies is not mentioned in this episode - ft. guest host Holly


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It's another long episode this week and we're very happy to announce return guest host Holly! I think our first ever return guest? She came to drop some knowledge about pharmacist counselling for people seeking the morning after pill! This week we're serving up:

Blurst Take: Michael McCormack wants the mouse plague relocated to inner cities

SPOTW: Julie Bishop Asbestos Lawyer Barbie

First Nations: Murri Courts are extremely effective at ensuring people don't go to jail. Thanks to Peter for sending in this story!

ACAB: We're not talking about Friendlyjordies. We're not talking about Friendlyjordies. We're not talking about Friendlyjordies.

Mains: Holly's story on pharmacists and "counselling".

And you'll just have to wait to the end for our Pupdate!

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