037: Free Love or Free Sex? Consensual Non-Monogamy with Luna Somatic


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What is Consensual Non-Monogamy? Is it really possible to keep our hearts open to multiple partners and remain in deep intimacy and communication with ourselves and others? In this juicy and relevant conversation, I sit down with Luna Somatic, a somatic sexological bodyworker and a facilitator of embodied intimacy, and we dive deep into the complexity and vulnerability of having the heart open to many. Free love, free sex, consent, jealousy, and love addiction.. in this episode we go there! If you are looking for an honest and heartfelt conversation offering insight and clarity on these topics, then this conversation is for you!
More about Luna~
Luna runs her practice in Lisbon and attends sex-positive events to inspire adults to transform their relationship with sex, their body and love. The foundation of her work is communication and erotic embodiment; inviting her clients to find their voice and feel more of themselves, so that they can experience the sex and relationships they desire.
Sexological bodywork is a certified practice that uses one-way touch from the practitioner, and somatic awareness to guide people into a space where they can connect to whatever is alive in them. Luna works with people of all genders and sexual orientations, who are looking to explore their sexuality from the core of mind, body & spirit connection.
You can learn more about Luna’s work at her website: https://lunasomatic.com/ or follow her on Instagram @luna_somatic

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