The Engine Room S2 E23 Rewinding to play 20 Questions Part 2: Nick Romano, Mark Meyer, David Lloyd, and Jeff Algra. E6 to E10


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We are rewinding the Engine Room back to Episodes 6 to 10 to replay the last segment of the show 20 questions in 2 minutes.

First up is E6 the Funny Funky Monks Australian Red Hot Chilli Peppers Drummer, Nick Romano who speaks that fast at times that I misheard one of his answers thinking that he had told me that he was his favorite RHCP drummer, it eventually clicked that he had said Chad Smith!

Next up is E7 (part1) Mark Meyer, who ends up correcting me after I messed up asking one of his questions, thanks Mark, no wonder he's been in demand for so many years, he is certainly on the ball!

Then it is the Boogie Man, E8 David Lloyd's turn, and I am pleased to say that we got through without any mishaps.

Kyrie Anderson E9 is the next in line, and she really did seem to take the game on with determination to succeed, a trait that has resulted in her being an in demand drummer no doubt!

And last, but certainly not least, it's the cool cat himself, E10 Jeff Algra's turn to play. I made sure that he had a few "feline" questions ready to get him laughing, which it certainly did! FYI Jess loves cat's so much that he posts a picture of one everyday on Facebook!

I have added in a few sound effects again to add to the fun of the segments being strung together, and as nobody commented about not liking it last week I figured that it must be okay.

I have a few more interviews coming up in a couple of weeks before I wrap up this series, but in the meantime, I hope that you enjoy hearing everyone from E6 to E10 play 20 questions in 2 minutes.

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If there are any drummers that haven't been interviewed for this series and want to do one, please get in touch ASAP or you will miss out!

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