S2 E25 DARREN LEE: The Engine Room Drummer for Les McKeown's "Bay City Rollers", "Weapon UK", and "Mike Ross Band"


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I interviewed Darren Lee 5 days before the very sad passing of the "Bay City Rollers" lead singer Les McKeown. After learning of this I contacted Darren to see if he still wanted his interview to be released, given the fact that he obviously talks about being the "Bay City Rollers" drummer. Darren appreciated being given the choice and decided to still go ahead with it knowing that Les would have wanted him to. Les was the sort of person who enjoyed promoting his fellow band members and would want Darren to go on as if he were still here. Darren has generously provided some recordings from the last tour that they were on in Canada in March 2020, the band was part way through this tour when the remaining dates were cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, sadly this tour which was to recommence in the UK in July 2021, will no longer be going ahead.

Darren was born in the UK and began playing drums in bands while living in Adelaide, South Australia. He decided to move back to the UK 15 years ago to pursue his career as a professional touring and session drummer. Darren shares many great stories throughout his interview, including the story about his first tour to Germany as Gwyn Ashton's drummer, and how that tour was to eventually lead to him becoming the drummer for the "Bay City Rollers" many years later!

Music: throughout this interview you will hear Darren playing live with the "Bay City Rollers", songs include "Bye Bye Baby", "Let's Go", "Remember", "All Of Me" and "Shang-A-Lang." Darren also plays with 2 other original bands and has provided a song from each, both are played during the interview. "Queen Of The Ride" by Weapon UK and "Ghost Hound Rider" by Mike Ross.

Darren's Links: darrenleedrums.com, lesmckeown.com, www.mikerossmusic.co.uk, and www.weapon-uk.com.

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