S2 E26 KEN CHENERY The Engine Room Drummer, Percussionist, Singer, Business Owner, and Tutor in the Optometry School at Flinders SA.


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Ken Chenery moved to Adelaide with his parents when he was 10. In 1969, Ken began playing with popular local bands, during a period when the live music scene was vibrant in South Australia. The musical talent were kept busy, performing, creating, and entertaining the audiences that would regularly attend one of the many live music venues, some of which hosted live music events every night of the week. It is remarkable to reflect back to the days when there were so many gigs on at so many venues, that there was a need for a newspaper, one that's main purpose was for venue's to advertise their up coming shows.

Ken played in working bands as soon as he left high school, bands that had residencies at popular venues such as the the Waverley Hotel, and the highly desired Saturday night residency at The Arkaba Hotel. Sadly our once exciting creative scene wasn't supported as well as it could have been by our state government, the growing shortage of professional opportunities in Adelaide, saw many of our best musicians head off to the Eastern states to chase their dreams of becoming a professional working musician. Ken also made the move to Melbourne, but it wasn't to chase that dream. Ken was furthering his education which had begun at Flinders University. Ken moved to Melbourne to attend Melbourne University, where he completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Optometry, graduating in 1974.

Ken juggled playing whilst working in his profession whenever possible. After working in corporate optometry for many years he set up as an independent in 1984 in Prospect, then shifted his business to the heart of the city shopping precinct in 1998 to Design Eyewear, in Gawler Place. His interest in therapeutic optometry led to further studies in this area through the State University of New York in 1994, and later via the University of New South Wales in 2013. Ken managed to not only further his education overseas, he also managed to go on a tour of discovery, seeing some of his favorite bands play live, including the American R&B-based horn section and band, the "Tower Of Power", which was the band that had been a major influence in his musical journey. Ken currently works as a tutor, and is the drummer in the Adelaide Soul/Funk Band, The New Soul Traders - with Catherine Lambert, and The Old Mates Band in which he plays with people that he has met and remained friends with throughout his career.

Ken has provided 2 original songs for use in his podcast interview, they are "When are you coming home" and "Dee Dup"

Ken's links: http://www.designeyewear.com.au/#home and https://au.linkedin.com/in/ken-chenery-b1741833

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