002. How Creativity Affects Your Instagram Feed with Melody Munn of Melody Joy Designs


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Melody Munn is a professional Instagramer who loves coffee, designing awesome phone cases, and providing hope and inspiration to her followers. She creatively combines her passion for people and design into positive messages of encouragement.

INSTAGRAM - @melodyjoymunnWEBSITE - http://melodyjoy.co CASETIFY PROMO CODE - J2FX3ERESOURCE - http://iconosquare.com/ Highlights“Never be discouraged if it doesn’t happen quickly because great things definitely take time.”Keep going. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen overnight.So many people play the comparison game. Even if you admire someone don’t get discouraged about your work.Get out there and work, and do it.Fire From The Hip AnswersiPhone or Android: iPhoneFavorite Song Right Now: “Living On A Prayer”Favorite instagram: @designlovefest @sincerelyjulesBook you are reading: The Bible and Archie ComicsIf you started over from scratch what would you do?: Design

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