#193 Circle: Belfast’s First Bicycle Delivery Company


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Ian Richardson has come a long way from cleaning glasses in his parent’s pub. As a Landscape Architect and the founder of multiple start-ups he now spends his days reinventing the way cities work. Being deeply passionate about the environment, he believes entrepreneurship is the solution to global problems like climate change and his current ventures — StreetDock and Circle — exist to make urban deliveries green in an age of e-commerce and endless Amazon deliveries. In today’s episode hear what it was like starting businesses in the 2008 recession and 2020 pandemic, why “the last-mile” of delivery causes so many issues and how returning to the humble bicycle could save the day. Check it out. // This interview is part of our Tough Times, Tougher City mini-series presented in partnership with Belfast City Council featuring five businesses who have started, scaled or pivoted during the pandemic. To find out more about how the Council can help you and your business, please click here. // Webpage for this episode: https://bestofbelfast.org/stories/streetdock-circle-delivery-belfast

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