#217 Napoleon Coffee: Rachel & Matt on their First Year Of Business


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Napoleon is an independent speciality coffee shop in Ormeau Baths that opened in August 2020 at the height of the pandemic. Since then it has become a leading cafe in Northern Ireland’s burgeoning speciality scene with their “front-and-centre” approach to coffee attracting a loyal team of regulars from across the nation. Founded by superstar Barista-Manager extraordinaire Rachel Snowden and Data Scientist Matthew Mcauley, Napoleon is the realisation of a lifelong dream of owning their own cafe and the result of seven years of scheming, planning and drinking lots of coffee! In this today’s episode we talk about:
  • Matt’s recent realisation about his brain as well as his unexpected PhD in Physics
  • What it was like opening a cafe during the height of the pandemic
  • How the reality of seeing their dream fulfilled compared to their expectations
  • And the greatest highs/lows of their first year of business…
Check it out! https://bestofbelfast.org/stories/napoleon-coffee-rachel-snowden-matthew-mcauley

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