#241 Kit Adams: Antarctica's Post-Man


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Kit Adams is an adventurer from Newcastle, County Down who is currently working as a post-man in Antarctica. After growing up at the bottom of the Mourne Mountains, Kit has dedicated his life to learning about and exploring the natural world. Just before the pandemic hit he spent a season living and working at “The Penguin Post Office” where he and his colleagues manually processed over 60,000 postcards and welcomed visitors from all over the world. In today’s episode we talk about:
  • How on earth you land a job as a postman in Antarctica
  • What remote/wild parts of the planet can teach us
  • The value in disconnecting from technology
  • And why doing hard things is both fulfilling and worthwhile
Check it out. https://bestofbelfast.org/stories/kit-adams-antarctica-post-office P.S. The last we heard from Kit he was in the Falkland Islands on his way back to Antarctica!

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