KPF: How to Manage a BIM Practice (w/ Veronica Quintero and Alex Wilson)


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Most architecture firms are grappling with the question of how technology and data fit into their practice. For many firms, the solution is a self-contained design technology team, similar to an IT department. But at KPF, they’re championing the idea of a digital practice, where technology is a means to deliver their projects in the best way possible. It’s not just support, it’s a way of operating. In this episode, BIM Practice Manager Veronica Quintero and Senior BIM Specialist Alex Wilson explain how their team is integrated into the practice, how they help solve problems for every department, and how they stay on top of training so that everyone knows how to use relevant tools.

Interview Takeaways

  • Foster digital expertise
  • Keep the focus on the practice of architecture
  • Work with other departments to improve efficiency
  • Create a flow of data
  • Build a project dashboard
  • Collaborate as an industry
  • Train with accountability
  • Incentivize training by tying it to career progress
  • Uplevel skills
  • Harvest journals to understand what problems are recurring
  • Value soft skills in leaders
  • Create opportunities for advocacy

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