Madame Architect: How To Inspire A Generation Of Architects (w/ Julia Gamolina)


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What do business strategists and editor-in-chiefs have in common? They both require you to build relationships. Lots of them. As the director of strategy and partnerships at Trahan Architects, founder and editor-in-chief of Madame Architect, and a lifelong collector of mentors, Julia Gamolina is an expert relationship builder. In this episode, she shares how her roles overlap, how she approaches business strategy, and the steps she recommends to follow in her career footsteps.

Interview Takeaways

  • Find the common threads among women architects
  • Grow from media site to community resource
  • Produce content, not just buildings
  • Connect with people
  • Let business strategy take you to the next level
  • Develop a central message and use it everywhere
  • Keep developing new ideas
  • Use social media to find collaborative partners
  • Growth can only happen with a strong culture
  • Get experience in as many roles as possible
  • Explore your career, don’t plan
  • Find mentors by approaching people you admire

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