Matthew Chapter 2: Predictive Prophecy and Typological Prophecy


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On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (03/03/21), Hank continues his series on teaching through the Bible, currently working his way through the Gospel of Matthew. Before moving on to chapter 2, Hank takes a moment to say a word about Mary, the mother of Jesus. For most of his Christian life, Hank lacked a proper appreciation for the grandeur and glory of the mother of his Savior. More serious than a lack of enthusiasm was his continual denial of the perpetual virginity of the mother of our Lord. While he has never supposed that Mary was not a virgin before the birth of Christ, he has both preached and written that Mary conceived children after the birth of Christ. And for that Hank is truly sorry.
Moving on to chapter 2, Hank reads through the first twelve verses before pausing to point out an important distinction between predictive prophecy and typological prophecy. In chapter 1, we encountered the virgin birth prophecy, which is typological. Here in chapter 2, we encounter what is known as a predictive prophecy. Predictive prophecy is fairly straightforward, while typological prophecy is somewhat more complex.

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