239: The Side Hustle Queen’s Guide to a 100% Saving & Investing Rate


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If you and your sweetheart want to get married, rent a truck in a Colorado ski town, and have your dog watched while you’re doing so, Stephanie Warner is the person you should get in touch with. Even though she has a great W2 job, she still hustles hard with her side income work, making enough to pay for her lifestyle while her nine-to-five pays for her future financial freedom.

Stephanie had enough money growing up, but she wasn’t given a ton of financial literacy lessons from her parents. Thankfully, her Grandma who loved driving used cars and buying rental properties taught her the importance of being a homeowner and helping those who are in need. Once she left her hometown for college, graduated, and got a job, she moved all over the country doing all different sorts of work. This gave her a diversified education and allowed her to take on challenges that were interesting to her.

Now, she shares with BiggerPockets Money listeners how she flipped her financial position, thanks to some very lucrative side hustles!

A special thanks to our guest host, Joe Saul-Sehy from Stacking Benjamins, who got so tired of Scott’s puns, he decided to host one of the shows himself.

In This Episode We Cover

The importance of owning your own home and rental properties

Graduating with little-to-no college debt, allowing you to save and invest more

Taking on jobs that interest you, instead of ones that solely pay the bill

The art of side hustles and making thousands after your nine-to-five

Living “paycheck to paycheck” by paying yourself first for investing and saving

And So Much More!

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