522: From “No Comma Paychecks” to 7-Figures Using These 5 Skills w/ Nasar El Arabi


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Nasar El-Arabi is a self-proclaimed “failure” when it comes to being employed. He wasn’t cut out for the banking industry, the call center, or the classroom. Some people aren’t meant to be employed, and Nasar was one of them. As soon as he was able to get his start in real estate investing, he realized that this was a path that could help him succeed, all while challenging him in ways the W2 world didn’t.

Nasar has been wholesaling, flipping, and landlording for over a decade. He has amassed a seven-figure net worth, due to his sweat, grind, and problem-solving. Nasar has put together his list of the five most important traits of any successful real estate investor. These traits aren’t what you’d hear at corporate, and they require those who are interested in investing to put in the time, energy, and creativity to thrive.

If you’re interested not only in real estate investing, but becoming a full-time investor doing what you love, make sure you pay careful attention to Nasar’s advice. While these aren’t traits you can simply switch on or off overnight, they are things that you can develop over the years you are investing, which can help you build wealth, reach financial freedom, and give you the life you’ve dreamed of.

In This Episode We Cover:

How to invest in real estate while making a median income

Diversifying your portfolio so you have multiple exit strategies and streams of income

Why every investor needs to “become a rookie all over again

Using creative financing to structure deals that benefit the buyer and seller

Leveraging partnerships to find cash, divvy up responsibilities, and purchase more real estate

Owning a business and learning the skills that every leader needs to succeed

And So Much More!

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