Hillary Clinton Talks Trump, The News Media In Freefall, and A Mother Sues The School District After Son Catches COVID


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Tonight’s rundown:

  • Joe Biden meets with 20 world leaders today to discuss the situation in Afghanistan since the Taliban took over
  • Hillary Clinton talks Trump during her appearance on “The View,” rather than discuss John Durham implicating her campaign in his investigation
  • Bill speaks with Bernie Goldberg on the state of the media and why network and cable news are in big trouble
  • NFL coach Jon Gruden resigns after emails surfaced of him using homophobic and racial slurs to describe NFL players and staff
  • California bans all gas-powered lawn equipment for its residents - they will now have to buy battery-powered lawn mowers and chain saws
  • A mother in Wisconsin sues the school district after her son contract COVID from a classmate
  • This Day in History, 1810: First Oktoberfest in Munich
  • Final Thought: Quality of life in the U.S. is in a decline

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