Shit Show #7 - Is Liquid Death a Gimic? Taste Test Round 2, Kryie, Kanye, Electric Trucks and More Shit


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Welcome back to the SEVENTH installment of the Shit Show!

It’s truly amazing that we’ve made it this far, but we’re ready for more!

From high level discussion about ghosts and aliens, to tackling more serious issues like “should we vote?” and “do fish ever get thirsty?” – me and Trett run through a variety of topics big and small.

Make sure to tune in as this could be our spiciest episode yet..

Episode Outline

1:05 - Episode beginning

1:51 - Revisiting Liquid Death, the second taste test

4:14 - “Life straws” and water quality, exploring abandoned properties

9:31 - It’s all about ghosts, Bigfoot and aliens for Sully

14:45 - “Have you seen The Village?”, Trailer Park Boys and general sitcom discussion

19:00 - “Podcasting is born independent”, is podcasting ever going to go “mainstream”?

22:11 - The taste test continues

25:05 - Question from Chris Miller, electric trucks

30:09 - Mazda discussion, what constitutes a sports car?

35:43 - “If you were to make your own holiday, what would it be?”

37:45 - Classic hip-hop, breaking down how it’s structured and how it evolved

42:10 - “Do fish ever get thirsty?”

42:55 - “Do inbred fish exist?”, the Kyrie issue

47:15 - Today’s political climate, where you fit in and having to “choose”

49:00 - Young people and voting, struggling with apathy

53:23 - “Talk about how the government, media and global corporations are colluding to kill and imprison societies”

1:01:18 - Thoughts on Netflix’s “Dahmer”, method acting

1:07:44 - The “Always Sunny” Podcast and other shows that are worth checking out

1:09:27 - Actors breaking out of their genre, other shows that are worth checking out (part 2)

1:14:35 - Episode wrap-up, final thoughts

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