EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Barnor Hesse Discusses His '8 White Identities' (Part 1)


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In this special two-part episode of 'Brown & Black,' we bring you an EXCLUSIVE interview with Dr. Barnor Hesse, the creator of the much talked about ‘8 White Identities’ that has rattled right-wing media personalities such as Megyn Kelly and Ben Shapiro. In his first-ever US interview, Dr. Hesse breaks down each of the '8 White Identities' and the origins of how they came to be. He also explains to Mike and Jack the formation of race, the history of Black political thought, and amongst many other topics, why he has never given an interview to American media outlet until now.

Dr. Hesse is an Associate Professor of African American Studies, Political Science, and Sociology at Northwestern University who received a Ph.D in Government, Ideology and Discourse Analysis at the University of Essex in England.

The anticipated Part 2 will be out next week.

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